Floor mat/seating device for Children

Year: 2017

Size: 30 1⁄2” wide x 26” long x 1⁄2” thick each

Materials: Ultrasuede fabric, marine vinyl, close cell foam with European beach rib, mounted with stainless steel grommets, walnut toggles tied by non-stretch paracord

Poli is a series of hexagon-shape mats for children that transforms its role through play. The seats can be connected together as one big polygon floor carpet, or folded into 3D forms as clam-shell seats, building blocks, mini tents, etc. Children can discover numerous possibilities to build forms through the simple toggle-to- grommet and hook-to- loop system. Poli uses neutral ultrasuede fabric on one side and vibrant vinyl on the other that helps to animate the form and activate its surrounding environment.