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  It’s a design-build project located in the lobby space of an architecture school. Within a space of just 37sqm, it accommodates a storage and display system of material samples, at the same time enhance the function of an existing meeting room next door.
  The display panel could be moved freely on the track, transiting from storage to exhibition. Position of each panel is changeable for comparison and classification.
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  The display panel is supported at the bottom, with nylon piece on contact surfaces. Thus the bearing in the track is freed from force. The nylon track surface is lifted 1mm higher than the shelf to reduce the contact surface area, so as to lower the friction.
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  The base is designed to be simultaneously functioning as a bench for the meeting room, to create an enclosure to the enlarged meeting space. The base is designed as a piece of sculpture floating upon the floor. 
  The glass partition wall is designed as the main structure. We designed and customized stainless steel joint to support the panels against the glass, which at the same time being adjustable in horizontal and vertical direction after assembly. 
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